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Toyota RAV4 Lift Kit: Everything You Need to Know (Photos)

Are you itching to lift your Toyota RAV4’s off-road prowess and curb appeal? Say no more! Our comprehensive guide will take you on an enlightening journey into the realm of considering a RAV4 lift kit. 

Together, we’ll uncover the ins and outs of lifting your RAV4, including the pros and cons, safety considerations, installation process, and the finest kits and tires to complement your ride.

So, buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating expedition into the captivating world of RAV4 lift kits!

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Can You Lift a Toyota RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4, regardless of its generation or production year, can be lifted to conquer rough terrains with ease. 

However, remember that lifting your RAV4 could void your warranty and potentially alter your SUV’s handling and ride quality. Before diving in, it’s crucial to explore the various lift kits available and weigh their pros and cons.

Moreover, prioritize the expertise and reputation of the installer when lifting your RAV4. You wouldn’t want to drive away with an unstable ride or compromised handling, would you?

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Can You Lift a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid?

Yes, you can lift a RAV4 Hybrid! Just ensure you select a lift kit specifically designed for hybrid models, as it must accommodate the extra weight and maintain the SUV’s balance.

Can You Lift a Toyota RAV4 Prime?

Lifting a RAV4 Prime is also possible, provided you choose a lift kit compatible with the Prime’s hybrid powertrain and electronics. 

Keep in mind that lifting your RAV4 Prime might impact its fuel efficiency and overall performance, so consider the potential downsides before taking the plunge.

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TRD Off-Road Edition

The TRD OffRoad Edition of the RAV4 boasts a slightly higher ground clearance than its standard counterpart. This rugged version also features an upgraded suspension, beefier tires, and protective skid plates for off-road excursions.

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Common Competitors that can also have lifts (e.g. Subaru Impreza)

Other compact SUVs that are common to lift include Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru WRX, Subaru Impreza, Outback Subaru, Forester Subaru, Honda CRV, and others.

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Is It Worth Lifting Your RAV4?

Lifting your RAV4 involves modifying the suspension system to elevate your SUV’s height off the ground. But is it worth it?

Whether or not Lifting your RAV4 is worth it can only be determined by you after considering all the pros and cons. Lifting your RAV4 can serve a range of purposes and cater to various needs.

Here’s why you might want to lift your RAV4:

  • Off-Road Capabilities: Avid off-roaders will appreciate the enhanced ground clearance that allows their RAV4 to tackle rugged terrain with ease.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: A lifted RAV4 exudes a commanding presence and stands out on the road – it’s undeniably eye-catching.
  • Versatility: For those living in areas with challenging terrain, lifting your RAV4 can make navigating these obstacles a breeze.
  • Overlanding: Putting a lift on your RAV4 can make it better suited for overlanding trips (see our RAV4 overland guide)
  • Towing and Hauling: A lifted RAV4 boasts increased towing and hauling capacity, making it more versatile and capable.
  • Personal Preference: Some enthusiasts simply love the look and feel of a lifted SUV and want to tailor their RAV4 to their preferences.
2022 lifted rav4
Blue 2022 Lifted RAV4 with All-terrain Tires

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Is It Safe to Lift a Toyota RAV4?

Regardless of your motivation for lifting your RAV4, safety and the right equipment are paramount. 

Here are factors to consider when determining whether lifting your RAV4 is safe:

Toyota Safety Sense Windshield Camera and Radar System

For 2018 or newer RAV4s, consider having the windshield camera and radar system recalibrated at a dealership after lifting.


Your RAV4’s suspension system is crucial for stability and handling. Lifting your RAV4 can alter the suspension geometry, potentially impacting handling and stability. It’s essential to select a lift kit compatible with your RAV4’s suspension system for a safe and effective lift.


Bigger tires can increase ground clearance for a lifted vehicle. However, you don’t need bigger tires for a small lift kit that adds less than 2 inches in height. For larger lift kits of 4 inches or more, it’s recommended to upgrade to larger tires to avoid rubbing.

Driving Habits

Your driving style can also influence the safety of a lifted RAV4. Off-road driving, for instance, puts more stress on your suspension and tires, which may require extra maintenance and monitoring. 

Remember, lifting your RAV4 and adding off-road tires doesn’t automatically make it safe for all off-road terrains.


Ensure a qualified mechanic with RAV4 lifting experience performs the lift kit installation. Proper installation is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of your lift kit.

Overall, lifting your Toyota RAV4 can be safe if done correctly and with careful consideration of the factors mentioned above. Next, we’ll consider the various pros and cons that come with putting a lift kit on your vehicle.

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Pros and Cons of Lifting A Toyota RAV4

Lifting your Toyota RAV4 comes with numerous advantages that can elevate your driving experience, but it’s not without drawbacks. Before deciding to lift your RAV4, it’s crucial to understand the pros and cons.

Lifting a RAV4 ProsLifting a RAV4 Cons
Increased Ground ClearanceReduced Stability
Improved Off-Road CapabilityCompromised Handling
Enhanced Aesthetics (Looks Awesome)Decreased Fuel Efficiency
Better VisibilityHigh Cost
Can Increase Resale Value Among Certain GroupsVoided Warranty
The above table compares the pros and cons of lifting a Toyota RAV4.

Benefits of Lifting Your RAV4

Here are some perks of lifting your RAV4:

  • Increased Ground Clearance
  • Improved Off-Road Capability
  • Enhanced Aesthetics (Looks Awesome)
  • Better Visibility
  • Can Increase Resale Value Among Certain Groups

Increased Ground Clearance

A higher ride height helps you tackle rough terrain and protects your undercarriage from damage.

Improved Off-Road Capability

Lifted RAV4s with larger tires offer better traction and stability, letting you navigate through various obstacles.

toyota rav4 lift
Lifted Gen 5 RAV4

Enhanced Aesthetics

A lifted RAV4 boasts a rugged appearance that sets it apart from stock models, customizable with various lift kits, tires, and accessories.

Better Visibility

Higher ride height means improved visibility on the road, allowing you to see over obstacles and boosting your confidence behind the wheel.

Potential for Increased Resale Value

Customizations like lift kits and larger tires are sought after by off-road enthusiasts, potentially making your RAV4 more attractive to certain buyers. However, this may limit your pool of potential buyers to those specifically interested in lifted vehicles.

Drawbacks of Lifting Your RAV4

While there are undeniable benefits to lifting your Toyota RAV4, some potential drawbacks are worth considering before making this modification.

Here are some of the main drawbacks to lifting your RAV4:

  • Reduced Stability
  • Compromised Handling
  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency
  • High Cost
  • Voided Warranty

Reduced Stability

Lifting your RAV4 raises its center of gravity, making it more prone to tipping or rolling over, especially during sharp turns or high-speed driving.

Compromised Handling

A lifted RAV4 can experience changes in handling due to the alteration of its suspension geometry. This can impact the overall driving experience.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Getting worse gas mileage is one of the biggest drawbacks to me when considering putting a lift on my RAV4. Simply lifting your RAV4 will decrease its fuel efficiency.

This decrease in fuel efficiency is due to several factors, including the added weight of the lift kit and larger tires (if you also upgraded to larger tires), which increase the amount of energy required to accelerate and maintain speed. The added wind resistance from the taller vehicle and larger tires also contributes to the drop in gas mileage. 

Essentially, the extent to which you will experience a drop in fuel efficiency will depend on various factors like the type of lift kit, tire size, and driving conditions.

High Cost: How much does it cost to lift a RAV4?

Lift kits can be pricey! 

On average, a decent lift kit for a Toyota RAV4 can cost anywhere from $300 to $1500. The lower end of the price range usually includes basic suspension spacers, while the higher end includes more advanced lift kits with features like adjustable shocks and springs.

Another factor to consider is the cost of additional modifications that may be necessary after installing the lift kit, such as new tires, wheels, and alignment.

The cost of lifting your Toyota RAV4 will depend on a variety of factors. With the proper research and planning you can find a quality lift kit that fits within your budget.

Voided Warranty

Lifting your RAV4 may void your warranty if it causes damage or issues with your vehicle, which can be a significant concern for new vehicle owners or those who rely on their warranty for peace of mind.

While lifting your Toyota RAV4 offers several benefits, it’s essential to weigh the potential drawbacks before making this customization. By considering the pros and cons you will be able to make an informed decision and feel confident that lifting your RAV4 is the right choice for your vehicle.

Exploring Lift Kit Options for Your Toyota RAV4

When considering lifting your Toyota RAV4, it’s essential to understand that there are various lift kit types to choose from. Each type offers unique advantages and disadvantages, so becoming familiar with each of the below types of lift kits will help you make an informed decision.

Take a look at the different lift kit options available for your RAV4:

  • Spacer Lift Kit
  • Suspension Lift Kit
  • Body Lift Kit
  • Long Travel Suspension Kit

Spacer Lift Kit

This budget-friendly and straightforward lift kit option involves installing spacers atop your RAV4’s existing suspension. While it provides extra clearance and enhances your vehicle’s appearance, it doesn’t significantly improve off-road performance or handling.

Suspension Lift Kit

A suspension lift kit replaces your RAV4’s current suspension components with taller ones, offering better ground clearance and improved off-road performance. The downside to this option is that it will likely be more expensive and require more time to install it.

Body Lift Kit

This lift kit type involves placing spacers between your RAV4’s body and frame to create extra clearance. While it won’t enhance off-road performance, it does improve your vehicle’s appearance and allows for larger tires if you want.

Long Travel Suspension Kit

For the most substantial increase in ground clearance and off-road performance, a long travel suspension kit is the way to go. This kit replaces your RAV4’s existing suspension with a longer-travel system. However, it’s the priciest option and may require significant vehicle modifications.

As you choose a lift kit for your Toyota RAV4, carefully consider your driving needs and budget constraints. Each lift kit type has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s crucial to select the one that best aligns with your specific requirements.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll discuss some of the best lift kits for the Toyota RAV4 and provide guidance on choosing the right tires for your lifted vehicle.

Where to Buy a Lift Kit

When you’re ready to buy your lift kit, there are a few different buying options available.

Buying options include:

  1. Online retailers (e.g., Amazon, eBay)
  2. Automotive parts stores (e.g., AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts)
  3. Off-road or 4×4 specialty shops
  4. Directly from lift kit manufacturers’ websites
  5. Local automotive customization shops

Online retailer like Amazon: Convenience of shopping from home, competitive prices, and a wide selection of lift kits to choose from.

Automotive parts store like AutoZone:  Knowledgeable staff, local availability, and the opportunity to physically inspect products before purchasing.

Off-road specialty shops: Access to expert advice, tailored recommendations, and specialized products catering to off-roading enthusiasts.

Directly from manufacturers: Purchase directly from the source, ensuring authentic products, potential promotions, and detailed product information.

Directly from local automotive customization shops: Personalized service, installation assistance, and ongoing support from professionals familiar with your specific vehicle.

Best Lift Kits for Toyota RAV4

Selecting the perfect lift kit for your Toyota RAV4 can be a daunting task because of the various complicated options available.

To make your decision-making process smoother, here are some highly-rated lift kits to consider for your RAV4:

  1. ReadyLIFT 2″ Kit (2006-2018 & 2019-2022)
  2. TORQ-Engineering 2″ Kit (2019-2023)
  3. Rough Country 2.5″ Kit (2019-2021)

ReadyLIFT 2 Inch Kit (2 kits to fit 2006-2018 & 2019-2022)

Two different kit options, one that fits 2006-2018 RAV4s and one that fits 2019-2022 RAV4s.

ReadyLIFT is a popular choice among RAV4 owners seeking a moderate lift. Their kits provide increased ground clearance and enhanced off-road capabilities.

Ideal For

The ReadyLIFT kit is perfect for RAV4 owners looking for an affordable, easy-to-install lift kit offering up to 2 inches of lift. It’s also great for those wanting a mild lift for improved ground clearance and aesthetics without compromising ride quality or handling. 

Plus, it’s an excellent choice for maintaining your factory warranty.

NOTE: The ReadyLIFT kit is NOT compatible with Adventure, Wilderness Edition, TRD, and Limited models. Not compatible with any RAV4 with factory lift or Torque Vectoring AWD.

How to Install a ReadyLift Lift Kit on RAV4

See 2006-2018 ReadyLIFT Kit on Amazon

See 2019-2022 ReadyLIFT Kit on Amazon

TORQ-Engineering 2” Kit (2019-2023)

TORQ-Engineering is well-regarded for their versatile lift kits that cater to a wide range of driving preferences. Their RAV4 lift kits strike a balance between on-road comfort and off-road capabilities, with options available for various RAV4 models and years.

Ideal For

The TORQ-Engineering lift kit is perfect for those with the newest generation of RAV4 and seeking a well-rounded performance lift kit that doesn’t compromise on-road comfort. This kit is designed to handle both everyday driving and off-road adventures, providing an excellent blend of ground clearance, durability, and ride quality. 

If you’re looking for a lift kit that can excel in multiple scenarios and fits the 5 gen RAV4s, the TORQ-Engineering RAV4 lift kit is a fantastic option.

RAV4 Lift Kit Torq Engineering installation

Rough Country 2.5” Kit (2019-2021)

Rough Country’s 2.5-inch lift kit offers an affordable solution for those looking to add significant height to their 2019-2021 RAV4 models. This kit provides a 2.5-inch lift, granting better ground clearance for off-road driving while maintaining a comfortable ride.

Ideal For

The Daystar kit is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable, easy-to-install lift kit with a moderate lift height. It’s perfect for those aiming to maintain their vehicle’s factory ride quality and primarily using their RAV4 for on-road driving instead of off-road excursions.

Rough Country Rav4 Lift Kit Install

Honorable Mention Kits

Here are two additional common kits that are also popular and are worth looking into. 

  • Aventure Lift
  • Old Man Emu (Good for older RAV4 generations)
  • Northwoods Performance (Suspension lift kits that offer stronger performance but can be more expensive)

While selecting the right lift kit for you, consider your personal driving needs, budget, and type of lift kit that fits your preference. 

Conduct thorough research and consult with a professional to ensure the best fit for your vehicle. By doing so, you’ll enhance your RAV4’s performance and aesthetics while maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Choosing Tires for a Lifted Toyota RAV4

After installing a lift kit on your Toyota RAV4, it’s helpful to look at and choose the right tires to maximize performance.

Keep in mind, bigger tires can increase ground clearance for a lifted vehicle. However, you don’t need bigger tires for a small lift kit that adds less than 2 inches in height. For larger lift kits of 4 inches or more, it’s recommended to upgrade to larger tires to avoid rubbing.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting tires for a lifted RAV4:

  1. Tire Size – With a lift kit, you can fit larger tires on your RAV4. However, you need to ensure the tires fit your vehicle’s wheel wells correctly. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for your lift kit to determine the maximum tire size you can use.
  2. Tread Type – Different tire treads perform better in different situations. For off-road driving, choose tires with deeper and more aggressive treads. For on-road driving, choose tires with shallower treads that provide better handling and grip.
  3. Tread Pattern – Tread patterns vary, and some patterns work better for certain conditions than others. For example, an all-terrain tread pattern works well for a mix of on-road and off-road driving, while a mud-terrain pattern works better in muddy or loose terrain.
  4. Tire Load Range – Make sure the tire you choose has a load range rating that can handle the weight of your RAV4. The load range rating indicates the maximum weight a tire can support safely.
  5. Tire Brand – There are many tire brands available, and some are more reputable than others. Choose a tire brand known for its durability, reliability, and performance.

The following are some recommended tire options for a lifted Toyota RAV4:

  • BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 – This tire provides excellent off-road performance and improved handling on the road.
  • Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 – This tire has a balanced tread pattern that works well for a mix of on-road and off-road driving.
  • Cooper Discoverer STT Pro – This tire has a deep, aggressive tread pattern that works well for extreme off-road driving.
all-terrain tires for lifted rav4s
All-terrain Tires

Ultimately, the best tire for your lifted Toyota RAV4 depends on your specific needs and driving habits. Consider your driving conditions, the amount of off-road driving you do, and your budget when selecting tires.

RAV4 Lift Kit Installation Process

While it’s generally recommended to have a professional install your lift kit, if you’re well-versed in vehicle suspension and possess the necessary tools, you can tackle the job yourself. Before diving in, thoroughly read the instructions, ensure all parts are accounted for, and gather the essential tools.

Keep in mind that installation steps may vary depending on your RAV4’s model year, trim, and the specific lift kit brand you’ve selected. Here’s a general overview of the installation process for a RAV4 lift kit.


Required tools include:

  • Socket wrench set
  • Torque wrench
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Spring compressor (if needed)

Note: This is NOT a comprehensive installation guide, but rather an overview of what to expect during the installation process.


Follow these general steps to install a lift kit on your RAV4:

  1. Assemble the required tools: A socket wrench set, torque wrench, jack stands, and a floor jack are crucial.
  2. Jack up the vehicle: Utilize the floor jack to raise the RAV4 and securely position it on the jack stands.
  3. Detach the wheels: Employ a socket wrench to remove the lug nuts and then take off the wheels.
  4. Fit the new shocks and struts: Adhere to the instructions provided with your lift kit to swap out the old shocks and struts for the new ones.
  5. Mount the new springs: Utilize a spring compressor to compress the new springs and replace the old ones.
  6. Position the new spacers: If your lift kit comes with spacers, place them between the shock mount and the strut.
  7. Reattach the wheels: Put the wheels back onto your RAV4 and secure the lug nuts using a torque wrench.
  8. Lower the RAV4: Carefully lower your RAV4 off the jack stands using the floor jack.
  9. Take a test drive: Hit the road in your newly lifted RAV4 to ensure everything is functioning as it should.

If you’re not confident in your ability to install the lift kit yourself, it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional.

Lifted RAV4 Photos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the biggest tires for RAV4?

The biggest tires you can fit on a stock Toyota RAV4 without any modifications typically range from 235/65R17 to 245/65R17. However, if you’ve installed a lift kit, you may be able to accommodate larger tires. It’s essential to consult a professional before upgrading to ensure proper fitment and avoid any potential issues.

Is the RAV4 off-road capable?

The RAV4 isn’t a dedicated off-road vehicle but it does have some off-road capabilities especially in the Adventure and TRD Off-Road trims. A lift kit and larger tires can enhance its off-road performance but it’s important to remember that the RAV4 isn’t designed for extreme off-roading like some other 4×4 vehicles.

Does a 2-inch lift void Toyota’s warranty?

A 2-inch lift should not void Toyota’s warranty as long as the lift kit is installed correctly and doesn’t cause any damage to the vehicle. However, any issues directly related to the lift kit or its installation may not be covered under warranty. It’s always best to consult with your local Toyota dealership to understand how a lift kit may affect your warranty.

Does Toyota have a factory lift?

Toyota doesn’t offer a factory lift for the RAV4. However, they do provide some off-road-focused models like the Adventure and TRD Off-Road trims, which come with slightly higher ground clearance than the standard RAV4. For a more significant lift, you’ll need to look into aftermarket lift kits.

Does Toyota install lift kits?

While Toyota dealerships don’t typically install aftermarket lift kits, they may be able to recommend a professional installation service or a trusted local shop. It’s essential to have your lift kit installed by a qualified technician to ensure proper installation and avoid any potential issues.


To sum it up, lifting your RAV4 can unlock numerous perks such as off-roading capabilities, enhanced aesthetics, and improved visibility. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to weigh the potential downsides, including decreased stability, affected handling, and reduced fuel efficiency.

Should you decide to proceed with a lift, selecting the ideal lift kit tailored to your requirements and ensuring proper installation is vital.

To sum it up, lifting your RAV4 can unlock numerous perks such as off-roading capabilities, enhanced aesthetics, and improved visibility. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to weigh the potential downsides, including decreased stability, affected handling, and reduced fuel efficiency.

Should you decide to proceed with a lift, selecting the ideal lift kit tailored to your requirements and ensuring proper installation is vital.

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